Thesis:  "Hills Like White Elephants" ( Author)  "Ernest Himingway" (1927 ) wrote this poem describing love in a "bad" sense. These two individuals didn't have a clue about love. The man constantly agreed  with the girl, after each drink choice she made. They continued to drink all day, using their imagination to see the clouds as white elephants. Now we all know when you drink, things appear to look different. Although we have a strange sense of imagination, drinking only enhances it greatly. So as this story contnues you will see the affects, of how things appear as others see them.        II: Drink Affects  Although we have a strange sense of imagination, drinking only enhances it greatly. He told her that he loved her over, and over but she didn't believe him. As often as he tried to convenice her of his feelings, she continued to drink. Her taste buds even convienced her that, everything taste like licorice. Which was strange but not "unreasonable",because their drink choicws has strange names. Such as "Anis del Toro". All this time she was waiting on a train and he tried to, convience herself to stay with him. She had reminders even labled on her luggage.

III:  Lasting Love

As the couple continue to talk over drinks, she pleads for him to stop talking. He really loved her but yet, her mind was made up to leave. He wanted her to have the final decision, yet still he loved her, regardless of her feelings toward him. So as he perceded to take her bags, to the train loading point. She only have five minutes before, the train was too come.Everyone drunk to pass away time, and remove idol thoughts. As he walked around through the station, she was sitting and smiling at him. He asked once again if she was okay. As she departed she convinced him once again, that she would be okay. As we find love and lose it we must realize, drinking just hides the truth of real feelings.