[ link titleBold text]  "Sex without love"

Loveless affairsEdit

"Sex without Love", by Sharon Olds is detailed description of personal feelings for random sex. Why do they do this, the people who have intercourse without feelings? Todays society, promotes more sex without committment.  She gives detail explanation of random fornication through imagery words. Why do they? She uses different similes to explain random sex concepts. She explains how could they want to have sex without sharing emotional connection.

For example, Olds explains making love as" Beautiful dancers"(line #2) This describes how love making must involve being in love. She describles love as "gliding over each like ice skaters over the ice(line#3,4) She is referring to sex as activity. "As wet as the children at birth whose mothers are going to give them away", (line#6,7,8) This gives meaning to passionate, hot lovemaking scence.

Linette WoodardEdit