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In the play Hamlet, wrote by Shakespeare, and made a movie in 2009, the relationship between Hamlet and his mother Gertrude is a very complicated, but good love. The love that Hamlet shows for his mother is deep, and he feels betrayed by her when she is remarried to the King's brother Claudius. It appears to Hamlet, that maybe his mother Gertrude and King Claudius, was having an affair the whole time. When Hamlet starts to act crazy or mad, he uses revenge against his mother, when it is actually towards the new King.  

Gertrude's love for Hamlet in beginning of play

Gertrude has a weird way of showing how much she loves Hamlet in the beginning of the play. Although it seems that Gertrude is not a good mother, she loves Hamlet very much, but she just does not know how to express her emotions towards him. Even after the Gertrude marries Claudius, she does not feel differently about Hamlet. She still loves him as her son. Gertrude feels that Hamlet has gone mad and does not know how to express her feelings and tell him how she feels about the way he is acting. She notices that he has changed in a way that she does not like, but still does not mention it to Hamlet at all. 

Gertrude did not think about how marrying Claudius would affect Hamlet, but she does not want to hurt Hamlet in any way, because she really does care and love Hamlet. Gertrude does not show her affections for Hamlet until later on in the play. In this part of the play, this is where you see Gertrude tell Hamlet he has offended Claudius, and this is where Hamlet decides to talk back to his mother and express his feelings towards her as well. Gertrude was completely clueless that Hamlet felt bad towards her in any way. When Hamlet opens up and talks to Gertrude, this is when she notices that she has hurt her son in a way that she did not know of or mean to do. Gertrude tells Hamlet not to speak anymore because she realizes that she has changed her son and failed him as a mother. 

In conclusion, Gertrude and Hamlet portrayed a good love, but in the end they both died for that love. IT is such a shame that it takes harsh words and erratic behavior of this sort, to express a love so strong and true. 

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