William Shakespeare


William Shakespeare was a respected poet. His works consist of 158 sonnets and 38 plays. Shakespeare was one of the greatest writers of all time. His many works are performed all across the world and enjoyed by many.

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. A play about a prince who father becomes a ghost after the King's brother Claudius  murders the prince father. Later the King begans to visit the prinfe to plot revenge agaisnt his widower and brother who later is crowned the King of Denmark. This play ends tragicaly.

The first form of drama  in the play is the marraige of  Gertrude and Claudius. To me the play is evil and that it shows no sign of love because love is neither evil or cruel. Gertrude and Clauduis began having affair before the kings death; I feel as if Claudius plot was to take control and full power over Denamark.

The moral of play is sometimes family can be your worst enemies. That your own brother or sister could betray you but the end the good guy alays win.