In the poem Funeral Blues by W.H. Auden, love is displayed in a few different ways. It is seen as a great and wonderful thing but it can also be seen in a bad way, as in tearing someone apart from another.

.One of the reasons why it was good love is how she cared for him. She had so much respect for the one that she loved. She loved him so much that she did not keep it to herself; she gives everyone the chance to pay their last respects. In the poem she said "bring out the coffin, let the mourners come”(Auden, 637). It showed her true love for her husband. Another good part of love is how someone leaves. Not the fact that they left but what they left behind. People die, but are never forgotten. Remembering all the good things about someone shows that it is good love. When you think about old times and stories and it just makes you smile. Having them there would be a lot better, but the memories of a loved one is something special.Edit

One of the worst things about love is losing the one you loved. To have someone there every single day and then to wake up and they are gone is one of the hardest thing. In the poem, she says, "For nothing now can ever come to any good"(Auden, 637). The hurt of being alone is the worst thing in the world. Someone times you do not realize they are gone throughout the day but when you expect them to be home, that’s when you realize they are actually gone.

Love in many ways can be good, bad or ugly, to me in this poem shows the good and the bad part of love. The loving memories and just how much you could care for one person. Then the bad, that one person that you love and care, they are gone and there is nothing you can do but love and cherish the memories you have of them.