'A Birthday'


Christina Rossetti



“A Birthday” a lovely poem written by Christiania Rossetti. In the poem Rossetti, states that ‘My heart is like a singing bird’ meaning that the joy of her love brings music to her heart. Rossetti repeats ‘My heart in the first stanza, to show the reader that she’s joyful and excited about love. Hence the title “A Birthday”, Rossetti, felt as if her love was like being born again meaning that she really felt alive because this was a love like no other love. She felt as if seeing her love was like being alive and the being of her life.

The poem 'A Birthday' is a form of good love. To me the poem shows how it feels to find that true ever lasting love. The same love I have for my highschool sweetheart, that have been with for nine years. I feel like Rossetti  compares love to a apple-tree because of how sweet and tender love can be. When you love you never want to let go because it feels your soul and heart with warmth.