Broken heart1

   In my opinion, the love between Hamlet and Ophelia should be categorized as "ugly love." This relationship was a perfect example of ugly love because the audience has no idea how these two people really felt about each other. Many readers would say that their love was very controversial as if neither character could come to a decision. :]Edit

In William Shakespeare's Hamlet, mostly all of the main characters had very complex relationships throughout the entire plot. One of the most complex relationships was that of Ophelia and Hamlet. Hamlet had relationship issues and tarred images of women due to his experiences with his mother's relationships. When Hamlet's father died, Hamlets mother got remarried to his own uncle. This caused Hamlet to not be able to show his love towards Ophelia properly. 

  Another factor that affected their relationship was Ophelia's father, Polonius. He did not approve of their relationship simply because he was jealous. Polonius wanted all of the power in their family and if Ophelia married Hamlet, she would become more powerful. Polonius was selfish and that resulted in the couple having to hide their relationship from everyone else. Polonius was jealous that Ophelia would become part of the royal family and he would not. 

  There are a few instances in which Hamlet does show his love towards Ophelia. The first was when he said "I did love you once." However, he goes on to contradict himself possibly because he was afraid of people overhearing the conversation and telling Polonius; "you should not have believed me...i loved you not." Another instance which Hamlet really speaks of their love is at the end of the play after he has heard the news of his lovers death. "I loved Ophelia. Forty thousand brothers, if you added all their love together, couldn't match mine."(Act 5) In my opinion, this quote tells exactly what he thought and how he felt about their relationship. 

  In summary, Hamlet and Ophelia's relationship was very complicated. There were situations that arose, such as Ophelia's father's disapproval, that made their relationship even more complicated. Also, the fact that Hamlet was not mentally satisfied to be in a relationship due to his experiences with his mother caused strain because it affected his actions towards Ophelia. He was tainted towards women in general because he was disgusted by their actions, and he veiwed them as a whole, not as indivuals. All of these contributing factors that tarnished their relationship add up to "ugly love."

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