Author: Dagobert Gilb wrote " Love in LA" (1993) which is a" ugly love". This love is ugly because of the lies told, to get the connection between the two started. The first incident was with Jake whom rear ended Mariana. He hit her due to negligence on his part, he was admiring the outside scenery. He first tried to talk his way out of the accident, by stating that it was minor damages. Because prior to this accident he was hit by another drives. Leaving his vehicle without damages present. Jake is a musican probably  doesn't, make much by doing it either. He looks for ways of meeting a woman through, any circumstance which may arise.


Accident Information

Mariana proceeds out her vehicle to check for damages. Jake also acceses the car and tries to make the situation be minor.He even offers to pay pot his pocket. He doesnt want any loose ends left behind. He doesn't even have his drivers license, or insurance card. Mariana states that her dad wouldn't approve of, any illegal activity. She lives with her dad and, she must make responsible decisions.

Love encounteredEdit

Mariana proceeds to write down Jakes license plates. He proceeds to lie once again the plates are stolen. So the irony of the story is, love can even come through lies. Jake told so many lies to just get Mariana's personal information. As she walks away he snifs her perfume.As he drives down the road is his buick, he feels great. Thinking that he has found love and gotten over. But love cannot exist when based on lies and mistrust. So be honest and you can go a long wsay in life.