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Love is blind

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Why do I LoveEdit

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Why do I love you? Let me count the ways. This is how Elizabeth Barrett Browning, expressed the feeling of love. The poem is self explanatory characteristic of love through spouse, imagination and past grief or loss.  Love is expressed through experiences of emotions.  

The poet is describing how she felt from deep inside. She used a sequence called Sonnets from the Portuguese. Lambic Pentameter is the pattern and rhythm used to create sonnet. The sonnet has to consist of fourteen lines. The poem was a love letter to spouse.

The speaker and poet are different. Elizabeth Barrett Browning, is not speaker. The speaker appeared to be older female. She speaks about bittersweet love through her life. She appeared describle racing thoughts. She spoke on her love for spouse but included childhood memories and disappointments. The combinations of feelings affect her emotions.

The poem was never actually name. The sonnet 43 is name given for title by some people. She actually describled the different ways of loving rather than how. The word love is repeated several times througout poem.


Past love can dictate futureEdit

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The writer explains how she will love spouse after death. She compared her love to many metaphors. The writer explained how people let her down in past. She appeared to no longer have relationship with them because they were referred as "lost ones". The poem would skip from beloved to childhood grief and loss.

Love will conquer all. Love can be blind and take over your mind. Love can bring happiness and joy within.

Love can make you distance yourself from others. These are all examples of how to love. The speaker

expresses how she loved spouse.

There was once an old fable "there is a thin line between love and hate" This can mean the cause and effect of a person scorn. People can hold on to pass hurt and never move forward. Fear becomes the root of bitterness toward new love. People can learn to let go of past hurt for a chance on new love.

Linette Woodard

"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...," by Elizabeth ...Edit  Edit

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"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...," by Elizabeth ...Edit