A good example of sex without love

“Sex without Love” by Sharon Olds

Sex is a sacred act that describes love in erotic responses and experiences. Sex is the performance of exchanging love between couples, and it is a way of expressing their feelings among each other. People sometimes do not wait for the right person and save themselves. They enjoy it and have the best out of it, yet forget about the main reason of sex, which is making love.

Olds started with “How do they do it, the ones who make love without love”, which ignites a very important subject in our life. How can people do the most beautiful and sacred act without falling in love? How can they separate their emotions from their physical act?

Olds describes how sex is beautiful like dancing, and how they have fun and get exciting as they glide over each other like ice-skaters over the ice. Also, she describes everything beautiful about making love, which when two lovers hold and grab each other very tight. From very intense and should have been very passionate sex their faces turn red like a steak or wine yet they do not get attached to each other and fall in love. Moreover, Olds support her thoughts by describing how a mother after a long period of carrying her beloved child inside her body, and the intensity of giving birth then giving them away is very similar to the beauty and passion of making love and having the best orgasm and giving it away to someone that you do not love, while you can save it for your soul mate, who is another you.

Later on, Olds assures and supports her thought in the unpassionate lust by “the ones who will not accept a false messiah, love the priest instead of the God”. Those couple enjoy what they are doing. They love the act but they do not exchange feeling to each other. They chose not to fall in love with their partners, yet they chose to love the physical part where they satisfy their needs, and leave the beautiful emotional yet most important part.

Those type of people enjoy sex and go with it by themselves. They go for it “like great runners”. Runners enjoy running by themselves. They run alone following their own pleasure through different terrain and different weather. All of that to follow their own personal satisfaction. The goal is to fulfil their selfish needs, and have their “own best time”.

It does not matter where you came from, what culture or tradition you were raised on, nor what religion you follow. It all comes to one aspect. The real sex is an act of expressing love between partners. That is why it has been called making love. It does not matter if you are married or single. Some married couples have sex, while others enjoy the most passionate love. It all fall down to one aspect, there is sex without love but there is no making love without love.

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