“The Kiss by the Hôtel de Ville” (1950) by Robert Doisneau

The poem titled "To My Dear and Loving Husband" was very endearing to my heart, and it describes what"Good Love" is about.This poem describes that when a man and woman become one, throughout a marriage their love is bonded. The bond is as lovely as Gods most precious creation the earth.This love is so great that words cannot decribe it in simple terms.To me this relationship between the two was rich and as everlasting even past death. This poem was an example of the good sense of love, and how it outlast all other relationships in our lives. .


The first passage speaks of a wife's deamenoir concerning, the love that they posses. Then she explains how much she loved him by stating,"If ever a man were lov'd" this emphasizes on her love for him. She continues by saying how happy she was in him meaning, because of the man he was in character. Then she dares other women to compare themselves with her, competing love for him. Her love is more than mines of gold in which a value is not detainable.She speaks of her love being so consumed to him, that the rivers of water aren't even comparaible.She explains that the love she receives from him, cannot be repayed in value from her. She continues to express that heavens rewards her prayers, so as they live their love must be preserved.She ends with even beyond death they will still yet live.

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