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I am not one that has any children, but I am told that the love that a parent has for his or her child is unbreakable: especially when that child is their first born. In the poem On My First Son the author conveys the emotions of a father who has lost his first son to death. To bury your own child is said to be one of the hardest things a parent can do. Modern studies have shown that after suffering such a loss many parents suffer from depression or other health issues.

Loss of a ChildEdit

 It all becomes reality with in the first few words after the father has to bid farewell to his one, the one who was his pride and joy. In line three of the poem to me it seems as if the father feels he is being punished for wanting a son and having it when he said: "Seven years thou wert lent to me, and I thee pay,” As the poem continues the fathers grief and agony turns to anger when in lines 5 and 6 he says ”For why Will man lament the state he should envy?" In most cultures it is believed that children should not succumb to death, or that a child should be one to bury their parents. In the poem we see part of the anger and frustration that a parent goes through after being delt such a loss. The only solace many parents find is know that their baby who had no chance to harm anyone, is now in heaven with God. 

Grieving Process

When death comes it a lot of times brings many emotions or actions. Death does not come with any instructions on how to deal with it. In the poem we experience part of how the father deals with it.  Emotions of anger are felt when in lines  5 and 6 he says ”For why Will man lament the state he should envy?"  I have had the opportunity to share in the grieving and healing process after a parent has lost a child, and many times the parent becomes angry with their God. Towards the end of the poem I feel that he begins to feel some solace and comfort after biding his son to rest in peace. This poem speaks for the many mothers and fathers who have lost their "baby" to the grave, it conveys the emotions of anger and then some comfort and realization that their child is resting in a place of peace. Death is inevitable and will come to us all one day young or old, but when it comes to a child of seven years old it hurts,  we can see why a parent will feel that it is unfair as the father in the poem did. 

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